Hey. I'm Mint. As known as mintapeace. I’m a guitarist, beat maker, producer, and doodle artist.

Back then when I was in primary school, My activities were many. But the most things I love to do is drawing a doodle cartoon in a pocketbook. Sometimes I draw a little boardgame to play with my friends. At that moment, all of my pocketbooks are full of doodle lines! I love doodle art sm! until i’m interested in guitar when I was in grade 8.

When I’m in high school, I’m focus on the guitar and participated in Western Music Club. Enter a lot of High school music contests. That was an incredible time with friends and our little rock band. When I’m not in school. I also spend a great deal of time making music from scratch. I’ve learned a lot of music production from doing that.

So, When I heard about NFTs for first time it was around April, 2021. I’m really interesting! But the gas fee atm are way too high! So, before I mint mine. I’m collected and play NFTs game before [That’s how I got free money to mint my art. LOL]. When I decide to do mine. I developed it by combining my skill until it’s become “Doodle Punk Style”. You can check it out what’s my art look like by click on Artwork button above. That’s it!

Thanks.. :)